About Maliwan

 Hi I’m Maliwan, I am a Ramkhamhaeng English language studies graduate. Since 2008 I have been teaching foreigners to speak, read and write Thai fluently.  I have taught many hundreds of students ranging from presidents of multinational companies to Ambassadors and from retirees to academics.  Many of my students have been absolute beginners but others have been at the intermediate or even the advanced level.  

I have written four easy-to-use books ‘Speaking Thai’ (volumes one, two, three and four) to support my teaching approach.  My texts have focussed on practical approaches to building competency and avoiding the  mistakes that all students from beginner to advanced levels make.


Having studied English in depth at University and in the years following, and now, having studied Japanese too, I understand at a deep level the issues and challenges associated with language learning as an adult. I am passionate about teaching, building a rapport with my students and personalizing lessons and approaches to each student’s individual needs. 

When I’m not teaching I love to exercise.  I also love to travel – meeting new people, trying new foods and experiencing different cultures. 

If you are interested in studying Thai, but haven’t yet found the teacher that brings out the best in you, try me! Contact me for a free trial lesson and let’s get your Thai moving. 

Line: maliwandao